Senzo und Lifa berichten von ihrem ersten Monat in Deutschland

„Our first host family was the Faust family, the guys really made us feel welcomed in Germany (Bonn). We stayed with the guys for a week and they really showed us a lot. Visited the „Drachenfels“, did a walk in the park and also went to Köln with Mr Faust, where he was a very good tour leader. On the last day we had a South African day, where we prepared Pap, Chakalaka and some more food. The family liked it and asked for the recipe so that they can prepare it for others.

One week after we arrived, we travelled to Mainz for the PIT (Projektinformationstreffen), which was so nice. We enjoyed the activities there and they made us looking forward to do our presentation at the schools. We then stayed with a work college and his family and it was nice to see a different side of Germany (Alfter). They showed us how farming works this side and later that day we watched a soccer match with our colleague and his father at a local Pub which was nice.

Our next host family was the Krüger family, this is a family who is involved in scouting too here in Germany. We find them interesting, especially their baby boy Julian. He can’t talk much at the moment but he still manages to communicate everything he wants, that’s the sweet part of him when he just says „DAH…“.

Travelling  to the Sauerland for the school presentations (Infomobilwoche) with our two colleagues Jannis and Claudia was so nice. We got to see more of the German life, as  the guys will say “the German village life” but for us we liked the places we visited there. It was quiet and nice. We would say if you want to run away from too much work at the city, visit Sauerland and do some farm work.

Doing our school presentation it’s so nice, especially presenting for the young kids (Grundschule) and also the middle ones (Unterstufe). They are so active and we are not saying the upper grade (Mittelstufe) is not but we still want to motivate them, so that they also participate and be more active when we present for them.

So far we are having a good time in Germany, just travelling around and also seeing different places and enjoying the beer houses, most of the food and the different breads we have for breakfast or supper. We are still looking forward to the next months and we have energy to present and keep the „Shosholoza train“ moving forward and everyone joining us on the train.“

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